Chapter 001: Songs of the Humpbacks

The Unexpected Romance.
er 001 of 101: Songs of the Humpbacks.

Fiction by James
Thomas Green

© September 5, 2001

Sometimes when you make
the biggest mistake ever,
something good comes of it anyway.

Micki awoke to the songs of whales.

Micki didn’t like to wake up suddenly to a blaring and jarring alarm that rapes dreams. No, she much preferred the gentle slow lull of gentle sounds coaxing her out of her dream-world and guiding her back on SleepyWings into the real-world.

Micki’s head was feeling a bit full, like it was stuffed with cotton. She’d been to a party the night before and had consumed a wee bit too much intoxication. She hadn’t
gotten so sloppy that she had to be carried home; she knew that. No,
those days were far behind her, she told herself, and so far had kept
that promise to herself. She’d gotten nicely buzzed, though. Before she
went to sleep after a night out, she always forced herself to drink
a big glass of water with a couple of aspirin and a vitamin pill.

So, all in all, the day-after-effects of the night before intoxication wasn’t too bad.

Micki lay in bed with her eyes closed and slowly arose from her deep sound slumber. She took a couple of deep breaths and started to stretch out. She became aware that she was fully clothed. Briefly, she wondered about how odd it was that she would get in bed with all her clothes on.

Micki felt something around her body. What was this? She reached out and traced the skin of an arm not hers where it wrapped around the side of her body to where it ended in a large warm hand pressed flat and firmly against her belly just below her navel.

Suddenly, Micki remembered the night before, and her eyes flashed open with a quick start.

“What have I done?”, Micki thought, lying still and briefly paralyzed.

Moving slowly, Micki lifted up the arm around her and carefully sat up and stood up beside her bed and looked down.

Micki looked down at Thomas’ fully clothed and sleeping body and “What have I done?” shot through Micki’s head again and again.

“Well,” Micki thought, “I KNOW what I did, but what now”?

Micki had known Thomas for quite awhile. They had never been really close. He’d been what could be called a “fixture” in her life. In other words, he was there, she saw him semi-regularly, but not much more. They’d been friendly and had occasionally conversed and even exchanged e-mail a few times, but there had never been anything even remotely romantic or erotic in any of their previous encounters.

For some reason, many of Micki’s friends did not appreciate Thomas.

Among Micki’s Friends, Thomas was the constant butt of jokes and rude comments about his body physicality and cruel speculations about his sexuality, and even crueler speculations about the worthlessness of any woman who would want him.

For a long time, Micki had even shared some of those sentiments. Then a time came where she had a small change of heart and at times she even tried to defend him before her peers. However, it was usually pointless because they had their minds made up and they weren’t going to change easily or quickly. When she tried to defend him, her friends would retaliate and tease her and claim she wanted him sexually, which in that social group was considered one of the greatest insults possible. So, Micki stopped defending him to her friends and wondered why they couldn’t appreciate his good qualities more.

Still, even so, Micki would deny, even to herself, that she had any personal, physical, or, never it be shall spoken, romantic interest in Thomas.

And so, Micki and Thomas ran through their lives interacting only briefly and only randomly until one night.

The night before, they’d run into each other unexpectedly at a house party. Neither of them knew many of the other guests at the party. By default they had came together and started chatting. They’d hit it off better than either of them had expected.

About midnight, the party host closed the party and said, “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here”.

Since it was still somewhat early, Micki invited Thomas over to her place for a snack and to continue the discussion. Micki fancied herself somewhat of a gourmet snack chief and was always liking to show off her style. She really had only planned to eat and chat and send him on his way, because after all, she had no interest in Thomas; did she?

As she looked down again, she was again lured to what she’d told him was his “adorable baby face”. She remembered again that she had been a bit tipsy and well, she did think he was cute in a Quasimodo kind of way. She remembered how as they chatted into the night, they seemed to fall into each other’s eyes. Then, Micki started kissing his lips and then he kissed back and then his hands were on her body and then WOW. She never imagined she could feel like THAT while wearing all her clothes.

Micki’s head and body were spinning in confusion and remembered lust combined with anxiety about the emotional chaos she’d gotten herself into.

Thomas suddenly started to stir and opened his eyes. He looked up at Micki and she reflexively smiled a forced cover smile.

“Good morning sweetness,” Thomas said.

“Um, yeah, Hi. How’s it? Good Morning? Um, oh MAN I was so wasted last night,” Micki babbled out suddenly in a solid squirt of vocalization.

Seeming not to hear her, “I’ve had such a crush on you for so long, but I never thought we would ever hook up,” Thomas said with a smile. “Thank you for last night.”

Thomas smiled up at her from his bed and Micki felt herself falling into his eyes again.Then Micki started feeling a panic building inside.

Suddenly Micki remembered something Thomas had said the night before in bed after, um, well, just after.

“Hey Thomas, didn’t you say you had a meeting at ten this morning?”

Thomas sat up and looked over at the clock on Micki’s dresser. Nine-Thirty it read.

“Wow, yeah, thanks. I completely forgot because, um,”, Thomas looked at her and smiled semi shyly, “because I was distracted.”

“Well, um, I know you said that meeting was important and I wouldn’t want you to miss it on my account.”

“Well, O.K. I just don’t want to seem like a stereotypical male running out the first thing in the morning after, um, after …”

“Hey,” Micki said sharply, “I understand.”

“That’s very sweet and considerate of you.”

Thomas stood up and reached out to Micki. Almost without thinking, Micki threw herself against Thomas and the two of them melded into a tight hug.

“You’re wonderful,” Thomas said breathily into Micki’s ear. Micki trembled and held on even tighter even as she resisted an urge to run from the room and lock herself away in a place where she could pretend nothing she did mattered.

Thomas disengaged and, holding Micki’s hand, walked to the front door. Bowing in a gesture of honor, Thomas kissed the back of Micki’s hand.

“I look forward to seeing you again soon,” Thomas said.

“Um, yeah, well, um, O.K., well, you better get going or you’ll be late, you don’t want to be late, bye,” Micki stammered out quickly.

She could see that Thomas was a bit confused by her current standoffishness, especially considering how things had gone the night before, and indeed only a few moments before.

Thomas opened the door and with a last smile and a last wave and a last “goodbye”, Thomas was gone.

Micki walked to her couch and plopped down. She laid her head in her hand and again and again the question “what next?” looped endlessly through her brain.


Chapter 002: Clean Fun.