Chapter 002: Clean Fun

The Unexpected Romance.
 Chapter Two: Clean Fun.
 Fiction by James Thomas Green
 © September 26, 2001

  "One of the tragic things I know about human nature
  is that all of us tend to put off living.
  We are all dreaming
  of some magical rose garden
  over the horizon,
  instead of enjoying the roses
  that are blooming outside our windows today."
  --Dale Carnegiee

“I am SO not ready for a relationship right now! I’m much too young!”, Micki cried out to the empty room. Micki had a tendency to talk to herself out loud, which was one reason that she didn’t like having a roommate, and was glad she didn’t.

Micki got up from the couch and started to get ready for her day. It was a Saturday, so that meant one thing: POWERPUFF GIRLS!!! And Stargate SG1. Ok, so that’s two things.

Micki had set her recorder to capture the Powerpuff Girls and Stargate SG1 every Friday night so she could watch them on Saturday morning. The Powerpuff Girls and Stargate SG1 were two of her favorite shows. This week, there had been a Powerpuff Girl marathon and she had three solid hours of cartoons to watch, to be followed by an episode of Stargate SG1.

But first, there was the matter of getting out of the clothes Micki had slept and done other things in the night before.

“Well, I’d better get started”, Micki said to the living room. With that, Micki got up from the couch. She started her breakfast by putting a cup of oatmeal in the microwave and setting it on low power and set the timer to ten minutes. Then she went into her bedroom and gathered up all her clothes and put them in a big pile on her bed. Then Micki stripped off the clothing she had been wearing since last night. As she pulled off the last of her clothing to reveal her nudity, she caught a whiff of herself. Remembering Thomas’ hands and mind, she thought with a smile, “Whew, boy oh boy I made a mess of myself last night”.

Walking nude to the bathroom, Micki got in and took what she thought would be a quick shower. She lingered however as she explored the possibilites of her new shower massager. “Wow,” she thought, “if I ever become Queen of the Universe, I’m giving whoever invented the shower massager a medal. I wonder if the inventor was a woman?”

Drying off quickly, Micki pulled on a set of sweat pants and an old treasured “Route 66” T-shirt she’d gotten years before on a cross country road trip with her late father. Micki then put on a velour kimono robe, knotted the belt about her, gathered up her dirty pile, and headed for the washing machine in the garage. She separated the whites and delicate from the other stuff and started the first of three loads washing.

Beep-Beep-Beep went the microwave and Micki got her breakfast and flopped down in her big cushy couch with her head on the smilie face pillow and lots of plushie critters all about and pushed “play” on the remote control.

For the next few hour, Micki giggled herself silly watching the antics of Buttercup, Blossom and Bubbles as they kicked baddie butts. “I am in such a goofy mood this morning”, Micki thought to her self in the warm glow of the night before, but still trying not to think too closely about what the night before might mean in future nights.

After the Power Puff Girls finished, she watched the recording of Friday night’s episode of Stargate SG1. She wasn’t sure if it was a new episode or she just hadn’t seen it before, but as her Father had liked to say, “it’s not a re-rerun if YOU’VE never seen it before.”

So thus Micki spent several hours of happy and escapist joy consuming comedy and drama while zatting the commercials. Micki had quite an imagination and imagined that she had super powers like she was the fourth Powerpuff Girl.

One of Micki’s imagined superpowers were her “super-lovie-kisses” that disarm and change the soul of any evil doer. Micki imagined that her super-lovie-kisses looked like a big pair of lips, like the ones from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but with huge colorful butterfly wings, with no two sets of wings being alike. These super-lovie-kisses flutterd towards their target with a constant “smooch-smooch-smooch” and when they hit their target, they dissolved in a loud “MUAH”, leaving the target in a happy dazed love state. The big problem with her super-lovie-kisses were that they were so inaccurate that they often hit the wrong target, kind of like her own kisses had the night before. Also, she could speak Latin and sea otter, the former a result of three and a half years of high school Latin classes, and the later a long story for another time.

So thus Micki daydreamed a gentle mentalbation of using her super powers for good, not evil, and going through the Stargate with her fellow Powerpuffers and the SG1 team to fight alongside the Asgard and the Tok’ra to twart the evil plans of Mojo Jojo, who of course is also a Goa’uld has his own army of replicants lead by Princess Morbucks.

Suddenly Micki curled up in a fit of giggling that she called a mindgasm. “Oh, I SLAY me! I can be SUCH a geek sometimes”, Micki giggled. As she lay on her couch in a smiling gleeful state, Micki remembered the night before. Micki had been surprised when Thomas spoke knowledgeably about both the different powers of the various Powerpuff Girls as well being a fan of SG1. Maybe Micki lead a sheltered life, but she’d never met such a combination of talents before, herself excepted of course. Everything Thomas said opened up a whole new world of possibilities she had never imagined he could possess.

Thomas even understood what she meant when she talked about “mindgasms”, even if he personally called them “mentalgasms”. She remembered fondly the mindgasmic laughter they shared when he then said with a somber and straight face,

“Well, I guess it’ll never work out between us then; we’re just way too incompatible”.

It was the mindgasms that she had while talking with Thomas; that and more, was why she threw herself at Thomas later that night; and then, HE turned HER down? What was up with that?

Now, Micki was no stranger to rejection. There were lots of guys in the world who she wanted but never would pay attention to her. But once she got a fly-guy all he way into her spider’s “parlor”, and she decided to pounce, no guy had ever turned her down, until Thomas. She remembered trying to tug off his pants and he gently resisted saying it was too soon just yet. She could scarcely believe what he was saying. She had not considered for even a moment that he would turn her down, and indeed had thought for a long time that he was hot for her and that HE might try to make the first move. She had even thought she was going to do him a big favor in a pity-screw kind of thing. Well, she’d been right to a point, but not in the way she thought. Still, Micki didn’t let “no” mean “no” and kept on throwing herself all over him, kissing and hugging and caressing.

“Did I rape him?”, Micki wondered.

When Thomas didn’t relent and allow himself to be stripped, Micki was confused and embarrassed and her feelings hurt badly, until Thomas relented and suggested other things they could do while clothed. She had been skeptical, at first, but she was convinced eagerly as the night wore on.

And then there was the morning wake up and now again Micki cried out, “Oh no not him!”

She didn’t WANT a relationship now because, after all, as “The Girls” liked to say, “a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.”

And what would The Girls say if they ever found out? The Girls would never let her hear the end of it if they ever knew she’d been intimate with, HIM. Well, Micki decided then that The Girls would never find out. She would never do anything like that with Thomas again. She promised herself. Even if she really liked Thomas. “NO, I do NOT like Thomas, at least, not in THAT way,” Micki said out loud. Subconsciously, Micki thought that if she said it often enough, she might even believe it herself, eventually.

Micki thought about what what she was going to do with the rest of her day, and wondered what Thomas was up to at that moment, and immediately felt a mental war inside her head to try to not think about Thomas, the night before, his absurd sense of humor, his hands, his lips, STOP THAT!!!


At that moment, Thomas sat in a folding chair outside his open garage door.

“Dang it, another stand-up”, Thomas said. Thomas, like Micki, had a tendency to talk to himself out loud when he was alone. He also used a vocabulary that was not typical of most people.

“I was sure that guy would come by this morning like he said to buy this old chair. I really needed that money too. I hate it when someone says they’ll meet me and they just don’t show up!”

Thomas thought to himself, “And I could have stayed with Micki instead of rushing off first thing in the morning.”

“Or could I? She seemed to be in such a hurry to get rid of me this morning, even if she put it in terms of being concerned about me. And what’s up with her making such a big deal about being wasted when she woke up? She didn’t seem that drunk to me, at least not by the time she jumped me last night? Maybe she’s trying to pretend that she didn’t have any responsibility for her jumping my bones last night? Maybe she’s trying to convince herself that it was just an intoxication thing and not real.”

“I sure hope this doesn’t turn into another one-night stand by yet another woman who loves me behind closed doors, but won’t stand up beside me in public.”

“Maybe I’m just being paranoid?” Thomas said to the yard. “No, I fear I’m right again and nothing will happen out of last night, but I sure hope not, because I REALLY like Micki.”

To Be Continued –

Chapter 003: Breakfast at Larissa’s.

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